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Hi I am desperately trying to to find out what happened to my grandfather Albert Ernest Hargadon born in Liverpool.... I know that he left for america after the war and i am now trying to fill in the blanks and maybe discover some family memebers that i didnt know i had... If anyone can help please shout up.

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Hello Jane:

I am Albert John Hargadon (age 56) and my deceased father was Albert Ernest Hargadon, British Royal Engineer.

Albert Ernest had a younger brother George but to my knowledge he had no sons other than myself and 1 daughter, my older sister Elizabeth Ann Hargadon.

I was born in Cincinatti, Ohio on July 19, 1955 but spent the majority of my years in California from 1960-2011.

I currently reside in Orlando.

If Albert Ernest was your Grandfather that would mean he had other sons prior to 1955 ...... can you provide any further information regarding his parents ?



Hi Al,

Thank you so much for getting back in touch with me.... My fathers name is Brian and was born 25th oct 1937 in liverpool uk. We have his birth certificate that has Albert E Hargadon as his father. We also have photographs of my Grandfather in his uniform which i am sure i could upload for you to see....

I do know that my grandfather was a military man and did have a brother called George who i believe went missing at sea... There is a lot of conincidences and i would love to be able to iron it all out for my fathers sake as he is an elderly man and would love to know what happened to his father and maybe discover some new family.

I am going to speak to my mother and hopefully get some more info for you and hopefully we could get to the bottom of it and make an old man very happy.

This is my personal email address janehargadon@hotmail.com if you would rather keep in contact private.


Jane x


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