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My wifer and I just returned from Sligo. Sorry to say there are few Hargadons left in Sligo. We managed to talk to a woman whose grandmother was a Hargadon and just passed away at 99. After a brief conversation comparing ancestors we figured our grandparents wer probably first cousins. There is a Sligo geneology organization but their records "only" go back to the mid 19th century. My great-grandfather Michael was born during the famine and his church, according to the women from the geneology organization, did not have records from that time. I dug up information from the internet and found that Hrgadons were in Philadelphia in 1800. Ancestry.com has a lot of information (for a fee). Google "Sligo landlords" and you can come up with free information but there are a lot of records to pour over. We are planning to go back next year and do a more extensive search.

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I should check my spelling before hitting enter. We stopped at Hargadon Bros. pub for lunch. The place was packed and the food and service excellent but the Hargadon family no longer has an interest in it. And no they don't have T-shirts.
Maybe we'll need to make our own t-shirts someday! :)

I'd love to talk to you about what you found out when you were there and compare with my notes about my Hargadon roots in Sligo.
We met at the Hargadon Family reunion you got together in Delaware. One of the problems with Hargadon geneology is that records only go back to the mid 19th century. I stopped at the Sligo Geneology Center and requested their aid and that was when I found out about the records limitation. The women I spoke to there knew the nmae right away and showed me that the root is Celtic (from silver). I think that information is already known. I did order their preliminary search, maybe they can come up with more.
I thought it was maybe you from the reunion. If so, didn't we trace common ancestry to brothers in adjoining farmhouses? I still have the large sheet of paper where we laid everything out. What would the preliminary search produce?

At one point I called and spoke to a Hargadon relative (a woman) by phone who lived across the street from the family farm. I need to find those notes as well.

I remember one of the theories of the name was that a Spanish pirate with a silver hook... :)
Yes, it was Pete Finnegan who was able to connect the dots. If you look at the 1901 census in Sligo you find many Hargadons (too many with the same first names). Now Hargadons are everywhere but Sligo.


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