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I have just been looking at a photo on Pat Tierney's page does anyone know how old Bernard Hargadon was at the time of the photo ?
Also did he not have more than 4 children ?.

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Hi Patrick,
Barney Hagadon was born in 1861 and passed on 1923 so from the info I have, I peg him as 53 at the time the picture was taken.
There were ten children in the family, John:- 1881/1954. Patrick:- 1883/1937. Michael:- 1884/1956.
Mary-Ann:1886/1938. Bernard:- 1888/1889. Margaret:- 1890/1928. Francis:- 1892/1944. James:- 1894/unkn.
Joseph:- 1897/unkn. and Helen:- 1900/1970.

Pat Tierney.
Hi Pat,
Many thanks for the reply, can you confirm that Barney was married to Ellen Kilbride 14 Sept 1880 Sligo and with their first son John moved to Uphall Edinburgh Scotland where their second son Patrick was born 17 Feb 1883.
You are correct on all counts except that the town of Uphall is in West Lothian about 13 / 14 miles west of Edinburgh.
Patrick was born at Oakbank, Kirknewton, Scotland and passed on in Wishaw, Scotland on 3rd April 1937.
Hi Pat,
I have a copy of a Death Cert dated 17 March 1923 , address 110 Station Road Uphall for a Bernard Hargadon aged 62 yrs parents ? Thomas Hargadon and Ann McGee it also states that his wife was Ellen Kilbride (deceased)
Information given by John Hargadon, this info about the parents seems to be at odds with what i thought i thought his parents were Michael Hargadon and Bridget McEvoy.
Look forward to your reply.
Hi Patrick,
You are correct once again. I too have just recieved a copy of the death registration of Bernard but I read the name of his father as James Hargadon and his mother as Ann OShee or McShee. It is very difficult to decypher her maiden name.
Hi Pat,
Well either it is the wrong person or John Hargadon was not sure of the exact names of his grandparents.
I did find a Thomas Hargadon and Ann McGee family , they also came from Sligo near the Drumcliffe area, i believe they were in the Army at one time.

All very strange,
Allt the best,
Hi Pat
Just saw comments about Bernard Hargadon. I got a family search done by County Sligo Heritage and Genealogy Society in 2006. I received copies of civil and church marriage certs.. for Bernard. They both state Bernard Hargadon, Springfield, Ballisodare, son of Michael and Bridget McEvoy married Ellen Kildbide, Collooney daughter of Patrick Kilbride and Margaret Carroll in RC Church in Collooney on 14 Sept 1880 by Fr Richard Mulligan. It also states they had a son John born 29th May, 1881 with James Hargadon (that would be Bernards brother, my grandfather) as godfather .
Hi Geraldine,
Nice to hear from you again, so what do you think of that death record for Bernard Hargadon in 1923 Uphall could it be that this is not the Bernard son of Michael Hargadon and Bridget McEvoy ? very doubtful as the wife is Ellen Kilbride also Ellen Hargadon (Kilbride) parents were Michael Kilbride and Margaret ? also registered by John Hargadon

I wonder if John was not much for detai,
Hi Geraldine.
What you say is exactly what I believed until last week when I recieved a copy of the Registrar General for Scotland certificate of his death for the Parish of Uphall, the County of West Lothian.
In this certificate it states that Bernard Hargadon widower of Ellen Kilbride, died 9.00 am March 17th at 110 Station Row, Uphall Station. aged 62yrs. Bernard's Father and Mother are listed as James Hargadon and Ann Hargadon, maiden name, and this is the only area where the document is difficult to read, either OShee or McShee.
The certificate is signed by his son John Hargadon, his address given as 115 Station Row, Uphall Station. and registered March 19th 1923 at Broxburn, West Lothian.
With this info and with the John being his oldest son and living so close to his father, I have to presume the he provided the info for the death certificate and it is correct.
Would love to hear any new thoughts or information from anyone who feels they can contribute.
Hi Pat,
All seems very strange, i also have a copy of the death cert , the only difference is the parents , which i have checked .states Thomas Hargadon -Ann McGhee another strange thing is like i said previously i did locate a family Thomas Hargadon and Ann McGhee who lived in the Drumcliffe area of Sligo and moved to Scotland (one was a Soldier) if you would like to see the death cert let me have your e-mail address and i will forward to you a copy.
All very confusing.
Hi Patrick,
Would it be possible for you to E mail me a copy of the Death certificate the you have and I will send you a copy of the one I have.
You don't have a contact E mail address on your page so, as I have my address on my page, if you send it to me first I will reply imediately and maybe we'll get to the bottom of this mystery.
Hi Pat
What cements my belief that Bernard was son of Michael and Bridget is the fact that Paddy McGlone, only son of Maryanne Hargadon, sister of Bernard lived with Bernard, according to the Scottish census. Seemingly he moved to Scotland after the premature death of Maryanne. Paddy McGlone was a 1st cousin of my father John. Jim Boyle also knew James Hargadon my uncle when he lived in New Jersey. In fact James was waked in Ellen Bolyes home.
The certs that I have were copied from the civil and parish records. The civil from the registars district of Collooney Book 06, Pg 16 and the parish records of Ballysadare and Kilvarnet Book M1, Pg 42. Everything seems to fit except for the parents names
Regards Geraldine




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