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I have just been looking at a photo on Pat Tierney's page does anyone know how old Bernard Hargadon was at the time of the photo ?
Also did he not have more than 4 children ?.

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Hi Geraldine,
I do remember you telling me about Paddy McGloin and i tend to agree with you. Strange that Pat has a death record with different parents names to the death record i have, don't know how that could happen.

Also like i said before it's uncanny that the parents of Beranard Hargadon put down on the death cert i have were different Hargadon's for , as i said they were from the Drumcliffe area of Sligo (Thomas Hargadon -Ann McGhee)
If you would like a copy of the death cert , let me know.
Take care,
Hi Geraldine,
Do you think it would be possible to E mail me a copy of your information and I will send you a copy of the Death cerificate I have. Maybe we can sort this mystery out.
My E mail address is on my page.
Hi Pat
I just saw your reply to Patrick and I had recently sent him the same info. Changing over to FTM 2010 and upgrading to Windows 7 so I don't have all my stuff available yet but will shortly. I have been in touch
with Paddy McGlone's grandson and have info on that family back to 1840 so i will share that with you when I get up and running. Have a great New Year. Is your email still the same? Have you retired yet? I got a nice email with pix from Kevin and will reply in kind when I getting fully operational. Are you planning to go to the Olympics? Talk to you soon.
Hi Jim.
Great to hear from you Jim. E-mail still the same. I will e-mail you other details.
Hi Pat,
Just looked at your death cert for Bernard Hargadon (on your site) and it states what i have said previously that the parents were Thomas Hargadon and Ann McGhee.
Hi Patrick,
I agree that you could read Bernard's Mother's maiden name as McGhee. There is one other [ G ] in the document, the G in "General Tuberculosis" in Entry 33, it's the same and that is what convinces me. I will change my records to reflect the name as McGhee
In using the same criteria I disagree with your premiss that his Father name was Thomas.
If you check the other [ J,s ] in the document I think you will have to agree these J,s show that his fathers name clearly begins with a J when it is compared with the J of the "John Wallace" in Entry 32 and "John Burrows" in Entry 33.
The T,s however bare no resemblence to the first inital in his fathers name, check them against the T,s in "Twenty eighth", "Tubercular" and "Tuberculosis" in Entry 33. Hence my contension his Fathers name was James
Check it out and see what you think. I am sure we'll get to the bottom of this yet and reach a concensus.
Bernard had 9 children and the picture that Pat Tierney posted includes Pat's & my grandmother Mary Ann Hargadon Walshe. The other children not shown include Patrick 1883, Michael 1885, Margaret 1890, Francis 1892, Joseph 1898. For the record John 1881 was born in Ireland, Mary Ann 1887, Ellen (Nellie) 1900, James 1894. All the children except for John were born in Scotland so the family left Ireland between 1881 & 1883. I can't date the photo but my Aunt Nellie was born in 1900 so I would put the date around 1915 +/- a couple of years. Mary Ann and my grandfather James Walshe were married in the Broxburn Catholic Church on June 7, 1907. There was another child Bernard b 12 July 1888 & died 11 Nov 1889. Bernard died 17 March 1923 so that would have made his age about 55 +/- a few.
Jim Boyle (deejim1059@optonline.net)




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