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County Sligo Heritage and Genealogy Society Response to Edward Hargadon May 2009

This is a .pdf file of the report that Edward Hargadon paid for to ask about Michael Hargadon, born circa 1850 in County Sligo.

According to my notes (Ed may have more information than I do), Michael and his brother John Hargadon lived in adjoining farms. His brother John is my great-great grandfather, whose son John came to the United States and is my great grandfather.

See the attached document.

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Just as an FYI to anyone who might be following this--I'm going to call tomorrow and purchase the bottom three of the four items in the letter, which I'll share here when I receive!
Steve, Tomorrow Monday is a Bank Holiday in Ireland so its unlikely that Sligo Genealogy Society will be open. I don't know if you are aware that the 1901 census for Sligo can be accessed at the following site free.

Bernard(Brian) Hargadon
Thanks, Brian. So glad for that info! Tuesday it is.

Because of my goal to figure out where brother farmers John and Michael fit into the larger Hargadon family in Sligo, it's the connections to the valuations and tithe allotments which I'm hoping will give their father's and grandfather's names. When that's so, I'm hoping it will help us to fit into the Eugen Hargadon family tree I received a few years back (that wasn't from you, was it?). And help to shed some light on the mystery of why every Hargadon familyline here has "Bernards" running through them!

If I came to Ireland, would you want to take me on a Hargadon hunt for a day? :)
Yes Steve its me. I was speaking to you on the telephone a few years ago.
By the way I have since discovered that the Eugene (Eugenius) is latin for Owen or John.
and Johns appear in our family lines.
If you are coming to Ireland let me know in advance and we can meet up.
Awesome. I'm getting pretty excited about this information. I do need to plan a trip and will contact you when that's becoming a reality. :) Thanks!

I am also descended from Phelan Hargadon who married Catherine McIlvane and would be interested in any info you might run across. I do have a copy of the book The Hargadon Brothers of Louisville Ky but it has very little information on Phelan. Michael was pretty well known and also had 16 children. Thanks,
Kay hargadon White
Steve, I also am greatly interested in anything you run across that has to do with Michael Hargadon B 1824 & his brother Phelan B 1830 & poss. brother Patrick B 1827 in Sligo. (Kay & I are related from Phelan & Catherine's son Thomas.) Michael came over to New York abt. 1847 & Phelan came abt. 1848. Don't know when Patrick Hargadon came, just showed up on census with Phelan's widow Catherine McIlvaine in 1882 in Louisville, KY.




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