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Is anyone kin to Phelan Hargadon B 1830 Sligo and his brother Michael J. B 1824 Sligo? Phelan married Catherine McIlvaine B 1832 Sligo, in1851 Louisville, KY & Michael married Ann Catherine Fallon B 1833 Sligo, in 1847 New York. Michael immigrated to New York in 1847 & Phelan came to New York in 1848. They both moved to Louisville, Kentucky. Have been unable to trace their roots in Ireland. According to the family, Michael lost the family papers in a fire.There may be another brother Patrick B 1827. A Patrick came to stay with Catherine (widow of Phelan) & son Thomas in Louisville, KY in 1882. There is a book on them "The Hargadon Brothers of Louisville, KY". I have'nt read it though. I just heard about it. There are so many Michaels and Patricks in Sligo I haven't been able to narrow them down. Can't find Phelan.

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I am related to Michael through my Mother. Unfortunately, I do not have any more information on them than you do. I am hoping to get to the Library of Congress in the next year so I can read the book you mentioned. As soon as I do, I will share with you what I have found (if there is anything new).
Nice to meet you cousin Bonnie.That would be great if you could find something else on them in the book. I believe most of it is on Michael though.Thanks again. Cheri
By the way I'm related through my mother also.
The Filson Club in Louisville, KY had a copy.

Kay Hargadon White
I have some records of Hargadon births in Ireland from 1864 to 1867 .
Hargidon Pheilim born 05/02/1867 at Mail Coach Rd Sligo to Martin & Maria Travers ?
I have not come across any other Phelan or Pheilim in my research. With a simular first name there may be a connection.
I wonder if Michael & Phelan had a brother Martin?
What town would that be? Do you know? Martin's age would be about right. Thanks very much for the info! If they are the same family I would think Martin probably stayed in the home area then.
I got the book from Bonnie, but didn't add a lot to what I already had found. Did add some of the city directory info .

I am related. I believe I have a copy of the Hargadon Brothers of Louisville book (I have a book anyway). I will try and check that this evening.


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