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Trying to find the John Hargadon who raised by mother in a suburb of Philadelphia

My mother, Margaret Feeney (1907-1995) was the daughter of Joseph Feeney (1881-1913) and Ellen Hargadon who died 4/10/44.


Upon the death of her father Joseph in 1913 Margaret was placed with and raised by an uncle John Hargadon who I am trying to identify.  I think they lived in Wayne PA.   He was a lovable man whom my mother spoke very highly of.  My mother had a wonderful way about her which I am sure came through from this wonderful man.


Any help in placing this John Hargadon would be appreciated.


Bernie Grimes

I was born in 1934 and have been in Pittsburgh since the 1970s, after growing up in Narberth PA

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I can help!  :)  That was my great-grandfather.  I've actually been to the house in Wayne, and I found his grave outside of Philadelphia.  Margaret and her sister Mary both were raised by John, and Mary (Maguire) came to a reunion I held in the year 2000.  


John and and Ellen were raised on a farm in Ireland outside of Sligo, and from clues we got at the reunion, I finally found that farmhouse last year, and found living relatives.  I am attaching the full story here.


You and I are distant cousins!

We know of a John Hargadon, born around 1897.
Mother was
Sarah (nee Pilkington) married to
Thomas Francis Hargadon born 13th May 1866, a twin.
Twin 2 called Joseph.
Place of Birth Mikestone, suburb of Sligo town.
There was a daughter called Margaret Ellen born 1899.
All from Sligo.
We Presume Margaret emigrated to the States...
I know their was a relationship between the Feeney family and my grandparents ,Bridget nee Foley and William  Thomas born in 1884 in the parish of of St.John and the Feeney were from the adjoining  parish .I rembember visiting Tessie Feeney at Barraroe with my Aunt and her family when I was 7 year old,I am talking to members of Feeney family to get some further info.


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