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Robert D Ciocan... grandson of Edward Dennis Hargadon, son of Mary Louise Hargadon Ciocan. 44 years young, 5' 11", brown hair, blue eyes. I live in Pinnacle, NC, USA.If you want to know more, ask away. framncru@yahoo.com
Glad to have you here, Robert!
I'm Cheri Smith. g,great grandaughter of Phelan Hargadon from Co. Sligo (bro. of Michael J. Hargadon), "The Hargadon Brothers of Louisville KY". I'm 48 and live in Lexington,KY .
Hi, Cheri! Do you have any Hargadon activities in the Louisville area because of the number of Hargadons there?
Hi, Cheri! Do you have any Hargadon activities in the Louisville area because of the number of Hargadons there?
I am Dennis from Framingham MA. My grandfather is Lawrence Wallace Hargadon, deceased, born in Boston MA.
Hi, Dennis! Great to have you here. You'll see I left some notes on your photo uploads. Will be fun to learn more about your family.
Hi, I am Bonnie Bobeck. My maternal Grandmother was Bernice Anna Hargadon, daughter of Florence Hoffman & William Hargadon; William was the son of Anna Johnson & Edward B. Hargadon; Edward was the son of Ann Fallon & Michael J. Hargadon. I currently live in Germany where my husband is stationed with the US Army. He is serving in Iraq right now. All I know about the family I have listed here. I am trying to find out as much as possible about Michael J. Hargadon and Ann Fallon, but I am having no luck at all and I am willing to share everything I find. I have 4 children that have grown up in the nomadic life of the Army and I would like to give them a sense of who they are, where they come from and the importance of family. My email is: bobeck.bonnie@live.com.

I'm Terry Kelly, great-grandson of Mary Katherine Hargadon (B. March, 1871, D. Feb. 5, 1950) and William Follitt Dennison. They were both from Sligo, emigrated to Philadelphia in the late 1890's, and settled in St. David's, Delaware Co., Pennsylvania. Actually they lived at 252 Aberdeen Ave in Wayne if that rings any bells. All 4 great grandparents worked at the Laurent Estate there in Wayne.

My Grandma was Margaret (Peg) Dennison, married to Thomas Kelly in 1931. Pop Pop called her Margerite, which she is listed as on the 1910 census.
Hi all,

My name is Conor Twomey, living in Co. Laois, Ireland. My mother who is in her 70's is Elizabeth Hargadon from Ballynamona, Calry, Co. Sligo. She has three sisters and four brothers all older than her, five of which are still alive.

Two brothers are based in New Jersey and one is still in Ballynamona, Calry, Co. Sligo. Her two sisters are based in the UK.

I can trace back to her grandfather Patrick Hargadon from the 1901 census and I am slowly putting the family tree together. I think at this stage I need to talk to all her brothers and sisters to get as much info as possible.


Hi Conor,

I have your family tree on file



Hi Conor,

Yes Conor I have your tree,I am friendly with your Uncle Pat and he helped me to start your tree.Your mother is also known as Betty.

If you have a family tree programme I will send on the data by email,my email is jbranley@eircom.net

Cheers for now



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